Marking the centenary of the Boeing Company, in 2016 Tracey embarked on a flight across America following the historic US airmail route from Seattle to Boston.

Sadly, the US Transcontinental Flight came to an abrupt halt when the Spirit of Artemis crashed
in the desert shortly after take off from Winslow, Arizona. The engine suffered a partial power loss, most likely caused by contaminated fuel, which was sufficient to stop it flying at the high density altitude of 7000ft. The Stearman cartwheeled shortly after it hit the ground when it struck a dense sage bush. The damage to the airframe and engine was extensive but Tracey and
Ewald Gritsch stepped out of the cockpit unscathed, which was a testament to the Stearman's
famously strong design.

On the day of the accident Tracey had some of the best flying she has ever experienced over spectacular scenery - the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell and Monument Valley.

The recovery of the Stearman was expedited with the invaluable support of insurance partner,
GIC Re. It was airlifted back to Europe where 3G Classic Aviation's team of dedicated engineers
worked around the clock on the rebuild. The Spirit of Artemis was finished in time to attend the
2016 Farnborough Air Show and Boeing's Centenary celebrations in the UK.

The US flight was resumed in June this year starting again from Winslow, Arizona, finishing in
New York.

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The crash aftermath in Arizona in May 2016

The wrecked Stearman was taken to the original 1920s
airmail hangar in Winslow shortly after the crash

Ewald Gritsch, left, with some of the 3G Classic Aviation
team of engineers

Back in time for the Farnborough International Airshow in
July 2016