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  Dream Flying Machine

Boeing Stearman

Tracey's 1942 Boeing Stearman was fully restored by 3G Classic Aviation in Hungary during 2012/13. It has a Lycoming 680 radial engine with 300hp, is fitted with extra fuel tanks in the top wing for increased range, has a top altitude of 10,000ft and a cruise speed of 90mph.

It was named the Spirit of Artemis in honour of Tracey's principle sponsor, Artemis Investment Management LLP. The name was also inspired by the iconic Spirit of Ecstasy - or 'Flying Lady' as it is known in America - and the Spirit of St Louis, the plane flown by Charles Lindbergh on his famous solo Atlantic crossing from New York to Paris in 1927.


Lloyd Stearman designed the legendary Stearman biplanes, which were in service with the first American airlines during the 1920's. When the Stearman Company was taken over by Boeing the aeroplane became known as the Boeing Stearman and some 8,000 were produced by the Boeing Airplane Company in Wichita, Kansas.

In the 1930's and 40's the Stearman was the standard trainer for pilots in the US Army and Navy. A whole generation of pilots earned their wings on the thousands of Stearman Trainers in operation at that time, using these biplanes for primary, advanced and aerobatic flight training.

After the war, a large number of these rugged aeroplanes were sold by the government and were in use for transport, agricultural flying, airshows, aerial photography, starring in various movies and much more.

A full history of the Boeing Stearman can be found on the 3G Classic Aviation website, please click the 3G button below:





The Boeing Stearman with plan details of its construction


In the initial stages of restoration


The Stearman cockpit. The only modern technology is a
 Garmin 430 sat nav and an iPad for airspace definition



Fully restored awaiting its signage



The Spirit of Artemis flying over the Sussex hills near Goodwood, 2015