Support and outreach

Alongside pursuing her interests in aviation and inspirational speaking, Tracey and Bird in a Biplane Ltd (BIAB) are committed as part of their work to support related causes and organisations. This support ranges from raising awareness of these causes and organisations through flying and speaking engagements, their inclusion in BIAB's media activities, and through personal appearances and advocacy.

The six causes embraced by BIAB's outreach support presently include:

Women in aviation
Through honouring earlier women pioneers in aviation, and working with her contemporaries, Tracey actively promotes the involvement of women in all aspects of aviation including flying, engineering, training and safety.



Education and young people
Sharing the experience of flying to inspire young people and the world of education in aviation
and engineering. Tracey engaged with young people throughout the flight from Cape Town to
Goodwood in 2014, UK to Australia in 2016 and across the USA in 2016/17, and will continue
to offer support through public engagements and advocacy.



Services charities
Tracey’s support acts as a remembrance and support for the families of those whose lives
have been sacrificed or livelihoods affected through their military service in association
with the Royal Air Force.



Historic aviation
Celebrating the flying of vintage aeroplanes and the early pioneers of military aviation in the
UK, whose activities in engineering, flying and innovation have been a major influence in
worldwide aviation today.



Help for the disabled
Tracey and BIAB seek to make use of flying achievements to raise awareness of the challenges
faced by disabled people of all ages around the world, and to provide practical support through
sharing experiences.



The natural world
Support for conservation of the environment is embraced by Tracey and BIAB and, reflecting the
first completed stage of her global journey, Tracey works with Tusk Trust, the UK charity focused
on wildlife conservation, communities and education in Africa.



Film clip of Traceyʼs visit to Dawood Public School in Pakistan

A community-led initiative
run by the Tusk Trust






Above Left:
Tracey with a young air
cadet at the Royal
International Airshow, 2013

    Above Right:
Traceyʼs crew filming rhino on
the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Tracey flies into the Aerobility
airfield at Blackbushe for an
open day visit